Licence error while accessing OWA and Microsoft Teams application 

29-12-2023 12:30:52 PM (GMT)

We are aware of an issue wherein a small number of users may encounter the below error while accessing OWA or attempting to use the Microsoft Teams application:

Error in OWA:

Error in Microsoft Teams application:

Latest Update (15/01/2021 01:45:40 PM): This issue can be resolved by performing a blank User Details update via the Portal which will ensure an account reconciliation is performed.

To perform a blank update on a user’s account:

1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select User Management from the drop down menu

selecting user management

2. Use the search box to find the user’s account you wish to edit

Refer to the Searching for an Entry article for more information

3. Click on the user’s Display Name to open the User Details Page

4. Click Update at the bottom of the page

5. The following message will be displayed:


Although the reconciliation performed following this action is ordinarily very quick, please allow up to 1 hour before contacting the NHSmail Helpdesk should further assistance be required.

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