Your daily briefing email

29-12-2023 12:38:34 PM (GMT)

Some users may have received earlier today a Cortana email briefing. This is a new feature that is intended to help users start their day on track by surfacing information on upcoming meetings and outstanding tasks as well as protecting time. It is recognised that this feature could be of value to users, but at this time is undergoing review and is being assessed. The email received today (01/12/2020), was done so in error. This email is customized and only available to the end user; no administrator or manager can see another individual’s Briefing email. All data is stored inside the user’s mailbox. Briefing email is subject to the same GDPR compliance terms as Office 365 .

Until this feature review has concluded, and to avoid any further confusion email briefings have been temporarily disabled across NHSmail.

Further communications will be issued in due course on how the Cortana email briefings will be integrated into NHSmail.

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