Portal – Lancaster Release


The Lancaster Portal release was implemented as planned on the evening of 11/12/2019 with new features for core NHSmail Portal functionality and bug fixes..



New Functionality

Self-Service Leaver/Joiner (.NET only)

This PBI deals with a new functionality where any valid user can nominate himself/herself as leaver from his/her current organisation via NHSmail2 Portal. This aims at resolving one of the main pain areas around mover leaver flow where users have a huge dependency on local organisation IT or administrators to mark them as leavers when they move from one organisation to other. New workflows are introduced as part of this self-service leaver joiner workflow where it can be used for both leaver and transfer operations subject to approval from both organisations (current and joining organisations)

Organisation and Sites Export API improvements

 This feature request aims at improving the existing organisation and sites export API to include search based extract, rather than a full export. Blank search should still return all organisations and sites user has under its control and export API should behave accordingly. Any invalid search or in case of no results returned from a search criteria export option will be disabled

Change wording on password expiry email to match new policy

This feature request aims at updating the guidance on the password expiry notifications following recent implementation of the new password policy in live.

Upgrade Shared Mailbox quota

This feature request aims at having larger shared mailboxes than the default 4GB on NHSmail platform. By implementing this administrator of the organisation (already enabled with larger mailbox quota) will be able to upgrade the size of the shared mailboxes to 6, 10 or 25 GB under their control. The upgraded mailbox sizes can be viewed in Portal both by administrators and non-administrators.

Self-service leaver/joiner (UI only)

This feature request aims at delivering all the UI components of the self-service leaver/joiner workflow. It encompasses both end user as well as admin screens involved in the due process.

Self-service leaver joiner enhancement- improve accuracy around date of leaving populated on the form

This feature request aims at improving the accuracy around date of leaving (which is a user populated field) on the self-service leaver joiner request form. This tentative date is based on input from the requester and will act as generic reminder for LAs to action on the request. This tentative date of leaving may or may not be the same as the actual date of leaving for the user.

Self-service leaver joiner enhancement- Email notifications (HTML)

This PBI aims at improving email notification content which get issued as part of the self-service leaver joiner workflows. Email content specifically designed for each stage of the workflows and keeping the approvers/requesters progress about any ongoing workflows. The content of each of the notifications was reviewed and signed off by NHS Digital

Self-service leaver joiner enhancement- Adding additional text on the approval forms

This PBI came at the back of the review comment made by NHS Digital around ensuring the approvers are aware of the action they must take and the consequence of approving/rejecting a self-service leaver joiner request.

PODS- Update the guidance link on care provider welcome email

This PBI aims to update guidance link in the care provider registration emails which have become obsolete

Bug Fixes

Disable Spammer API issues

This bug fix aims at fixing some of the API issues which were discovered during the sprint testing

 Kestrel- MO- Mailbox statistics report throws IndexOutofRangeException in the re-run

 This bug-fix aims at fixing inconsistent values (values out of bound for Int32) returned from Exchange for totalitemsize and totaldeleteditemsize for larger mailboxes. The bug manifests only for a very small subset of larger mailboxes. The other variety of this bug around sizes returned from Exchange as ‘Unlimited’ wasn’t observed afterwards (2nd run onwards), hence suspected it to be transient when the report was generated.

“Nominate myself as a leaver” button is disabled even after user is marked as joiner.

 The intended fix the self-service leaver joiner functionality issue which will be made available part of Lancaster release. Nominate myself as a leaver option will be available to users under profile (new tab) who’re in %active state and have no ongoing self-service leaver/joiner workflow.

Memory leak with Teams call recording API while doing update policy

The fix ensures whenever there is an update to user policy it checks for the current setting for teams call recording, and if there is no change to teams call recording setting- apply the same setting to the new users (delta) only (add/remove). If there is a change to teams call recording setting- apply the same to all users (full) including add/remove. Earlier the issue with the update user policy API was, for every transaction a full user update was triggered which overcrowded the brokers utilising high memory.

Nomination form alignment issue in Edge Browser

The fix aims at aligning self-service leaver joiner nomination form in Edge browser for better readability

Display name is changing in user search page after bulk transfer

The fix aims at aligning Display Name to correct format in the user list page after bulk transfer operation has been completed successfully

Local environment issue- Audit is not captured for update operation of a SMB

The fix aims at fixing audit capture in a local environment which was caused because of an audit service not running correctly.

Transfer button is getting disabled after the transfer of a SMB which is created through PODS pharmacy

The fix aims at ensuring the SMB created via PODS self-registration page can be transferred to other organisations without any error

SMB: Created through PODS: After transfer of SMB name is getting changed to org name

The fix aims at ensuring the SMB created via PODS self-registration once transferred to non-PODS organisations follow the existing naming convention for SMB

Enable/Disable does not update “updatedby”

The fix aims to ensure enable/disable actions performed on accounts capture the UPN of the user who triggered it. This was again an issue observed only in lower environments because of a local infrastructure issue

Self-service leaver/joiner workflow bug fixes and testing

This fix aims at closing out self-service leaver joiner workflow pending bugs from sprint testing.

Display name format is not proper after uploading contacts from CSV.

This fix aims at adding the missing white space within the display name of the contact so that

My Approval Requests page issues

This fix aims at fixing issues with my approval requests page which is shown to LAs to manage self-service leaver/joiner workflow approval process

When contact is transferred the display name format of contact in contact list page changes

This fix aims at fixing the display name format of the contact in the list page when transferred to another organisation

PODS user restore failed

This bug aims at fixing PODS user restore functionality which failed because of unmapped mailbox GUID and mailbox data base details

Default subscriptions are not assigned for the PODS users

This fix aims at capturing the default subscription details of PODS users in the backend so that reporting is streamlined for all PODS users

Subscriptions are not visible for the users whose AUP is not accepted

This fix aims at ensuring subscriptions are visible for users on edit user page irrespective of their AUP acceptance state

Few special tags (like html/xml tag) when used as search string cause unhandled exception in People Finder

This fix aims at special handling of some html xml tags in the people finder search criteria as Elastic Search treats them differently

Cancel button in selection list page is not working in DDL while selecting specific senders in update flow of non admin.

This fix aims at ensuring cancel button on list page of DDL works as expected

In IE browser adding any admin role to a user enables Restore and unlock button even if the user is there in Active state

This fix aims at ensuring adding any role doesn’t enable active user for restore or unlock action

Mover Leaver admin report export fails for all organisations option

This fix aims at ensuring mover leaver admin report export for all orgs option work as expected

Clinical Roles are not displayed if Local Admin roles is given

This fix is to ensure role on edit user page is displayed correctly when local admin role is added to the user

User Creation is failing for PODS flow

This fix aims at fixing a local environment issue where user creation was failing for  specific PODS workflows

Site ODS code not displayed in “Convert to User” scenario

This fix aims at displaying site ODS code for user when converted from a contact.

Job Schedules

This fix aims at spacing the hangfire job schedule allowing more time for long running jobs to finish

LocalAdmin/NonAdmin: Search DL is not giving appropriate result

This fix aims at ensuring search DL functionality for admin and non-admin works as expected for all partial/full search criteria

OS configuration href on edit user page get disabled/greyed out with IE11

This fix aims at ensuring valid hrefs are no longer greyed out on UI in IE11

Audit search is not giving any results in IE11

This fix aims at ensuring a local environment issue around audit search in IE11 browser

MFA incorrectly removed when account removed from ATP group

This fix aims at ensuring MFA removal from account work as expected

Reuse the function to check MFA enablement for the user in the tenant (rather than on-prem group)

This fix came at the back of a code review comment to reuse existing MFA enablement function

Shared Mailboxes aren’t being restored back with it’s original mailbox

This fix is to ensure shared mailboxes are restored correctly and linked to original mailbox

User permission is not updating under permission tab if the user’s name has special characters in it

This fix is to ensure user permission updated correctly if the user has special characters in their first or last names

Non-admin SDL create flow ‘Add Myself’ option doesn’t work as expected

This fix is to ensure non-admin SDL create flow with ‘add myself’ option checked works as expected

Mailtip not being unset in all cases

This fix is to ensure we’ve a daily running hangfire job to ensure accounts which have moved out of disabled or leaver state recently get their MailTip cleared. This is to avoid any confusion if the user has moved recently from one of the previous states- Disabled, Active (leaver)

Few new users are not receiving Welcome Email

This fix is to ensure all new users receive welcome email as intended. It was observed that few of the users weren’t receiving welcome email immediately after account creation. This was suspected to be load related, but the refactoring was done to ensure users get the intended welcome email.

Production- MFA Status request failed error on accounts where MFA is already enabled for the user on the tenant

This fix is to ensure MFA status doesn’t error out when MFA is already enabled for the user

When a locked user tries ‘unlock and reset password’ option, the user is not asked to update the password at the next logon

This fix is to ensure locked users using “unlocked and reset password” option, after answering their security questions correctly; are forced to reset their temporary password

Authenticate user does not allow space

This fix is to ensure authenticate function doesn’t have any answered in the said criteria which may force user to enter a white space as an answer

Locked User “Marked as Leaver” Process

This fix is to ensure mark as leaver process works as expected for locked accounts

When transferring a disabled user , transfer is successful but mailtip is removed

This fix is to ensure transfer of a disabled user doesn’t remove the existing MailTip until the user returns back to Active state

 Connector report all orgs option generates a blank report and request timesout for global admins

This fix is to ensure connector report for all orgs options generated the correct report as expected and doesn’t time out

Sites with no type populated at source can’t be filtered through in the sites page

This fix is to ensure if there’re any site no type populated into NHSmail, then we should have a criteria ‘Other’ to filter them out in the report for better readability

Scroll bar not available for dropdown in Peoplefinder for Speciality and work area

This fix is to ensure horizontal and vertical scroll bars are made available in People Finder search page for speciality and work area. This is mostly relevant from accessibility point of view and for lengthy role names

Display name in Advanced search is not accepting hyphen

This fix is to ensure display name with hyphen are handled correctly in people finder advanced search

Multiple features failing when hangfire is run

This fix is to ensure the licence reconciliation job is behaving as desired. This includes adding an exchange broker log, sending a completion email to the support team and a fix around licence removal for expired licences

Allow licences which aren’t mapped to any organisation to still be updated by the Update Subscription Details job

This fix is to allow the Update Subscription Details Job to be able to account for and mark licences which are not assigned to any organisation instead of erroring out.

B2B Approval Requests Reconciliation is failing

This fix was to ensure the B2B Approval Requests Reconciliation job will soft delete approved and rejected status record for external orgs and federated groups older than 2 weeks

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