Enhancements to SPAM email detection

On the evening of 28 November the NHSmail Team applied a number of enhancements to the identification of suspicious and SPAM emails. These enhancements are designed to direct any identified messages to the junk email folder. It is possible that these more robust measures may result in some genuine emails being incorrectly directed into the junk email folder. It is therefore recommended that the following actions are followed:

  • To ensure you don’t miss any genuine emails, regularly check the Junk E-mail within your mailbox, including any shared mailboxes that you may manage.
  • If an email in the junk folder is legitimate you should take the following steps:
    • Outlook web app – right click the email and select Mark as not junk.
    • Outlook client – right click the email scroll down to Junk and select Not Junk.
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