• NHSmail Portal – Shared Mailbox Exception Error

    User impact: The Nhsmail Team are aware of an issue preventing end users from being able to access and utilise certain functions within the Nhsmail portal. Engineers are investigating to understand the scope of the issue and will provide further updates in due course.

  • Exchange Server Critical Vulnerabilities

    NHS England CSOC team have provided the following critical alert to NHS organisations and their suppliers for immediate action – https://digital.nhs.uk/cyber-alerts/2021/cc-3777

  • Intermittent Email Delay

    16/02/2021 12:10 PM (GMT) :
    The Accenture NHSmail team are currently investigating an issue regarding some delays with incoming email being sent to the nhs.net domain. Email sent to the nhs.uk domain is not impacted by this issue.

  • New encryption service provider

    We communicated in previous LA Bulletins that there would be a new provider for the secure email encryption service for sending sensitive emails to non-NHSmail users.

  • Changes to the NHSmail Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

    A change was recently made to the NHS DNS on the 10/02/20 to update the SPF record from softfail to hardfail. Some NHS.UK trusts may experience a mail delivery problem if their SPF has been misconfigured by not including the NHS.NET main SPF record into their DNS

  • Enhancements to SPAM email detection

    On the evening of 28 November the NHSmail Team applied a number of enhancements to the identification of suspicious and SPAM emails. These enhancements are designed to direct any identified messages to the junk email folder. It is possible that these more robust measures may result in some genuine emails…

  • Spoofing Email Block

    We have implemented the final phase of the security improvements around the blocking of all emails spoofing @nhs.net from the NHSmail service. This means that these emails will not be received by end users. As a temporary measure, from 13 August 2019, we will send intended recipients of spoofed emails…

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