• INC39062523 – Portal Slowness – RESOLVED

    23/10/2023 17:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of a slowness issue with the NHSmail Portal which is affecting the search of users and other admin tasks

  • INC29834135 – NHSmail Delivery Delay – RESOLVED

    21/06/2022 05:19:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an issue this morning relating to mail delivery across the NHSmail platform. The issue is impacting mails being sent from nhs.net email addresses to external mail domains, and also messages from external domains to nhs.net mailboxes; testing appears to show that mails to and from the nhs.uk domain and from nhs.net to nhs.net are not impacted.

  • INC28274463– HSSI – RESOLVED

    14/04/2022 09:35:00 AM
    RESOLVED – The NHSmail team are aware of an issue which is preventing the NHSmail Portal from being accessible.

  • INC25195556 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    26-11-2021 09:15:00 AM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an issue regarding high volumes of email queuing on the NHSmail Relay. Emails are being delivered, however, their delivery may be delayed.

  • INC24165150 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    29/09/2021 04:34:00 PM
    RESOLVED – Remote Server returned ‘550 5.7.705 Service unavailable’. Access denied, tenant has exceeded threshold

  • INC19345425- HSSI

    Issue Reported: 14/01/2021 01:00
    Issue Status: CLOSED
    Issue Description: Multiple NHS services are not accessible due to connectivity issues.
    Current Update – 14/01/2021 05:55: BT have now completed the refreshing of the remaining HSCN core routers as of 05:30. This has now fully resolved the intermittent connectivity issues previously observed. Users may experience some slowness this morning as the systems stabilise.

  • Remain vigilant to Spam and Phishing Emails

    NHSmail users should never click on any provided link to verify their accounts. We would ask that all users remain vigilant to spam and phishing emails and report any suspicious emails to spamreports@nhs.net.

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