• INC39062523 – Portal Slowness – RESOLVED

    23/10/2023 17:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of a slowness issue with the NHSmail Portal which is affecting the search of users and other admin tasks

  • INC36002954 – Delayed Email Delivery – RESOLVED

    24/05/2023 09:47:00 AM
    RESOLVED – Internal monitoring has identified an issue with handing mails off from the NHSmail Relay Gateway to Microsoft Exchange.

  • INC26200704 -HSSI- RESOLVED

    15-01-2022 04:53:00 AM
    RESOLVED : We have be made aware of an issue with the O365 relating to users being unable to send external emails due to the tenant exceeding threshold.

  • INC25765708 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    20-12-2021 17:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an issue with some Admin users currently unable to perform updates to accounts within the NHSmail Portal; this includes account creation, user policy updates, and changes to attributes via the user details page.

  • INC22559061 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    14/07/2021 11:19:00 AM:
    We are aware of an issue regarding high volumes of email queuing on the NHSmail Relay. Emails are being delivered however at a reduced rate. Engineers are currently investigating.

  • INC21379065 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    25/05/2021 03:50 PM
    RESOLVED: We are aware of a short Portal outage on Tuesday the 25th of May from approximately 15:50 to 16:01 which would have prevented access the NHSmail Portal across the entire platform.

  • INC21369143 – HSSI – RESOLVED

    26/05/2021 09:50 AM
    RESOLVED: We are aware of an issue causing a delay to mails being sent from external domains via the internet, and from the nhs.uk. domain, to recipients using the nhs.net domain. Engineers are investigating the issue as a priority and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

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