Viewing your mobile device on Outlook Web App

To view your mobile device:

Mobile 1. Click on the Settings icon at the top right of the screen and select Options from the drop-down list

2. Select phone on the left side of the screen


Mobile DevicesYour mobile devices list, comprised of all the mobile devices synchronised with your account, will be displayed on the screen

Before performing an action, click on the device you wish to manage

Viewing the details/status of your mobile device

To view more information about your mobile device, such as its name, model, type and the last time it was synchronised:

Device Details1. Click on the pen above your mobile devices list to view the device details

2. Click on close at the bottom right of the screen when you finish reviewing your mobile device details

Removing your mobile device

If you no longer wish to use your mobile device with the NHSmail service, you will need to remove it from you mobile devices list

To remove a mobile device from your mobile devices list:

Delete mobile device1. Click on the bin above your mobile devices list

2. Select yes to confirm you would like to delete the mobile device


Once removed your mobile device will no longer sync with your mailbox. Ensure that you remove all previous NHSmail data from your device

Wiping your mobile device

If your device is stolen or if the device needs to be used by another user, you will need to wipe the mobile device. Once wiped your mobile device will be cleared of all data associated with the mailbox, such as emails, calendar appointments, contacts and tasks

To wipe your mobile device:

Deleted Device1. Click on the block device icon above your mobile devices list


2 Select yes to confirm you would like to wipe your mobile device


After completing a device wipe the device has to be removed from your mobile devices list

Viewing the mobile device log

Outlook Web App allows you to view a log of activity between your mobile device and your mailbox. You may wish to view this if, for example, you are experiencing issues with the synchronisation of your mobile device and your mailbox

To view the mobile device log:

Mobile info1. Click on the start logging icon above your mobile devices list


2. Select yes to confirm that you would like to retrieve the interactions log

You will receive an email in your inbox containing an attached interaction log. This will contain the technical details related to synchronization with your mobile device and mailbox

Refreshing your mobile device list

If you have added an additional device you may need to refresh before you see the device in your mobile devices list

To refresh your mobile devices list:

Click on the refresh icon above your mobile devices list

Last Reviewed Date 2/4/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022
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