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How NHS organisations can join NHSmail

Registering an NHS or publicly funded organisation supporting the provision of publicly funded health and social care

Overview for registering an NHS or publicly funded organisation supporting the provision of publicly funded health and social care

An increasing number of health and social care organisations are adopting NHSmail as their primary email system. This reduces duplicate email systems running across the sector and enables organisations to use IT staff for managing other more complex IT projects.

Important Note

Further information on migrations to NHSmail can be obtained by emailing nhsdigital.nhsmailmigrations@nhs.net.Please email to discuss your organisations planned approach, we can provide details on both managed and self-managed migration options.

Accenture and NHS England have worked together to produce the tools and materials to support organisations on-boarding to NHSmail. This can be provided to you upon request once you have made initial contact with nhsdigital.nhsmailmigrations@nhs.net.

Migration Partners

For organisations interested in NHSmail and how to onboard data into the NHSmail tenant, we recommend viewing the NHSmail O365 Onboarding Partnership webinar. This introduces the 4 key partners for onboarding into NHSmail.Downloads

Please click on the header of each section to download the accompanying document or template:

This document sets out a recommended approach for managing the communications around the implementation of NHSmail.

This document provides a comparison between self-migrations, supported migrations, managed migrations & 3rd party migrations. It has been designed to help organisations plan their migration to NHSmail.

This document has been developed to assist organisations who are planning to migrate to NHSmail with their project documentation.

This documents provides a checklist of activities for organisations migrating to NHSmail, and guidance on how to complete it.

Activities to be carried out before commencing the movement of data into the NHSmail service to reduce the risk of transferring undesirable content, including Malware.

This spreadsheet is for all migrating organisations to enable them to reconcile their existing email users with their NHSmail estate, to aid the planning of the migration to NHSmail.

This guide provides an overview of the standard migration managed timeline, a detailed explanation of process and key considerations for each stage, and then useful information for the key workstreams of a managed migration project.

Last Reviewed Date 05/02/2024
Updated on 05/02/2024

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