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The National Administration Service (NAS) contact form captures all the information needed to action requests regarding your NHSmail account for the NHSmail helpdesk to action. By using the NAS contact form, you ensure all the required information is provided first time, and in a uniform way, which means less back and forth between you and the desk, and the actioning of your requests first time.

How does it work?

To use the NAS contact form, please click on the link below.

Choose from the drop-down options and the form will then ask further questions to capture all the required information.

At the end of the form, you will need to provide an email address; this may be your personal NHSmail account, that of the shared mailbox for your site, or your CQC registered managers email address, depending on which one the form identifies is needed.

Once you have entered this, an automated email will be sent to the nominated email, containing a summary of your request.

Forward this email summary to and they will manage your request.


Please note:

The NAS contact form is designed as a tool to use for those already using NHSmail. It is important to input accurate information, and to ensure that you forward the email to the desk, otherwise no action will be taken.

Updated on 30/11/2023

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