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Manually Repoint your Outlook Desktop Application

The following video and script instructions below will help you repoint your Outlook Desktop App to your T110 @nhs.net account.

Please only follow these instructions if:

  • You are not signed in to your T1510@nhs.net account in your Outlook Desktop App after the switchover.
  • You are still signed in to your @hee.nhs.net account in your Outlook Desktop App after the switchover.

Video Instructions

Script Instructions

1. On your desktop screen, select the Windows button.

2. Select the Search button, to search for and select Control Panel.

3. In the Control Panel window, navigate to the search bar in the top right corner.

4. Search for Mail and select Mail (Microsoft Outlook).

5. In the Mail Setup – Outlook window, under the Profiles tab, select Show Profiles

6. Once the Profiles window opens, select Add.

7. This will open a New Profile window. Under Profile Name, type in NHSmail and select OK.

8. This will open the Add Account window. Next to the Your Name field, type in your Name (e.g., John Smith).

9. Type in your T1510 @nhs.net email address (e.g., john.smith@nhs.net) next to the Email Address field and select Next > (please do not type in your password at this stage).

Please note: It is essential that you state your T1510 @nhs.net email address in this field to set up your account.

10. This will open a Microsoft Sign in window, with your T1510 @nhs.net account auto-filled in the Sign in field. Verify that it is correct and select Next.

11. You will be re-directed to the NHSmail Log In page, Check that your T1510 @nhs.net email address is correct and type in your T1510 @nhs.net account password below.

Please note: If you do not know your T1510 @nhs.net account password, contact the IT Support Team immediately.

12. Tick This is a private computer, then select Sign in.

13. A new Stay signed in to all your apps window will open. Select No, sign in to this app only in the bottom left corner to proceed.

14. A new window will open to confirm that Outlook is completing the set up of your account. Please wait a few seconds for this to complete.

15. Once the window prompts that the account set up is complete, Untick Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone too (you can find instructions on how to do so later) and select Finish.

16. In the Mail window, you should now be able to see your NHSmail account as an option. Under Always use this profile, select the drop-down menu to select NHSmail.

17. Select Apply to apply these settings. Then select OK.

18. Once the Mail window closes, open your Outlook Desktop App either via the tool bar or by searching for it via the Windows button.

19. Once Outlook opens (please note, this may take a while), confirm whether your T1510 @nhs.net account is visible in your Folder Pane. Also confirm that you cannot see/access your old @hee.nhs.uk account.

You have now completed the instructions to manually repoint your Outlook Desktop App to your T1510 @nhs.net account.

Last Reviewed Date 01/09/2023
Updated on 06/09/2023
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