Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licencing

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Licencing overview

Important Note:

Only Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Per User licence is available in the central tenant.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows teams to collaborate more efficiently by working together from different locations on HoloLens 2, Android, or iOS devices. There are a variety of features included in Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, for example:

  • Live video calling
  • Mixed-reality annotations
  • Capturing high-resolution snapshots of annotations on video calls

A Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licence includes the following 3 products which are needed to use the majority of features available in the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist HoloLens app, mobile app, or web app. Further information on these products can be found in the integration with Microsoft 365 core products section.

Assignment of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Licences

The below licencing requirements need to be fulfilled by organisation’s ahead of onboarding Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licences.

  • Relevant EM&S Intune licencing (EM&S E3, EM&S E5 or Azure AD Premium P2) has been procured and onboarded into the NHSmail central tenant so that the organisation and the device can be onboarded in Intune. Licences can be assigned via the NHSmail Portal.
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Per User licencing has been procured, onboarded to the central tenant and assigned to the users using HoloLens 2 devices. Please see below for the process on onboarding and assigning D365 Remote Assist licences.
  • Standard Microsoft licencing that provisions access to OneDrive for Business and Power BI.
  • Where required, relevant Operating System licencing should be in place (e.g., Windows 10).
Important Note:

Failure to fulfil these licencing requirements will cause a delay to onboarding.

Organisations should have ensured prior to committing to onboarding onto Intune that licences have been procured and onboarded on to the NHS Shared Tenant. If your licences can’t be assigned, it may be because they have not been onboarded to the central tenant.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Per User licences can be onboarded by following the onboarding guide.

Important Note:

Please avoid updating the user policy/profile during the rollout as updates could unassign the licence.

Licences will be securely held and managed in the central NHSmail Shared Tenant. At the point at which the licences expire, they will either need to be renewed or a new subscription will need to be procured and onboarded through this process.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Licencing model

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licencing has a per user licencing model. The per user licences allows:

  • Individual users to use Remote Assist on HoloLens 2 or mobiles phones and tablets
  • Ability for Remote Assist user to collaborate with Teams users on desktops
  • Users to share what they are seeing and receive remote assistance

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Capabilities

When incorporating the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist application with HoloLens 2, Android, or iOS devices, there are a variety of capabilities users can utilise whilst using either the HoloLens 2 or mobile device.

Video calling:

  • One-to-one and group video calling between HoloLens 2 and mobile users
  • NHSmail tenant and multi-tenant groups calls
  • Ability to link call history, in-call snapshots, and files shared during a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile call

 Abilities on calls:

  • Add mixed reality annotations in space – once a video call has connected, the Microsoft Teams user will see everything the HoloLens user sees in their space, including holograms. Annotations are useful for pointing out different parts of the space
  • Use asset capture in offline scenarios so that users can annotate, capture, and visualise images and videos of assets and store them both locally and on OneDrive
  • Annotate on a 2D image capture or snapshot of the space during a call
  • Send and receive messages, in-call snapshots, and files through the text chat
  • Capture session history through call recordings
  • Annotate and share in-call snapshots in low-bandwidth scenarios

Other Microsoft Software:

With the appropriate licencing you can leverage the capabilities of other Microsoft products within Dynamics 365 Remote Assist:

OneDrive for Business

  • Access and share OneDrive files
  • Send snapshots
  • Save snapshots to OneDrive
  • Save photos received through text chat

Exchange Online

  • Receive meeting invites to join meetings from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
  • Schedule a one-time call

Cloud-call Recording

  • Record Remote Assist calls either from within the Remote Assist app, or from the Teams app

More information on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licencing

The latest information on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist licencing can be found in Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Overview.

Please contact your local IT or Procurement team to be introduced to your organisation’s Microsoft reseller or licencing specialist resource who will be able to advise on your licencing needs.

Last Reviewed Date 03/09/2021
Updated on 01/07/2022

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