Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Teams – Users may be unable to access the Microsoft Teams desktop client – RESOLVED

03/07/2024 08:36:00 AM

NHSmail Reference: INC44052561

Microsoft Reference: TM807333

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: Users may be unable to access the Microsoft Teams desktop client.

More info: This event impacts users on version 24152.412.2958.9166 of Microsoft Teams.

While Microsoft work to resolve this issue, affected users can utilize the Microsoft Teams web client as expected.

Final Update: 10/07/2024 08:50:00 AM Microsoft have confirmed with some previously affected users that the fix was deployed, and it successfully remediated access issues. The deployment is on target to reach full saturation by end of day, and they anticipate full remediation.

Scope of impact: Any user on version 24152.412.2958.9166 attempting to access the Microsoft Teams desktop client may be impacted.

Root cause: A recent service update to a portion of the Microsoft Teams service infrastructure, which intended to enhance our service monitoring system, introduced a code regression, resulting in impact.

Next steps: Microsoft are reviewing their update processes to identify similar monitoring issues in their pre-deployment processes so they can remediate the problem prior to deployment and prevent this from reoccurring.

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