Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft 365 suite – One percent of Google Chrome users may experience degraded functionality when accessing Microsoft 365 services – ONGOING

05/01/2024 09:20:00 AM

NHSMail Reference: INC40699313

Microsoft Reference: MO704022

Issue Status: ONGOING

Issue Description: One percent of Google Chrome users may experience degraded functionality when accessing Microsoft 365 services.

More info: While this may not be a viable solution for your organization, users can leverage Microsoft 365 desktop apps to work around the issue while we develop mitigations.

Google Chrome does not expect the one percent of users on the new build to be enterprise users, however, it may be possible. At this time, we”ve confirmed the following Microsoft 365 impact scenarios when accessing via the Google Chrome web browser:

Microsoft 365 for the web
– Unable to pin/unpin apps from the app launcher
– Unable to change theme/dark mode settings
– Unable to switch to a saved account in the suite header
– Unable to see profile photo in the suite header

SharePoint Online
– Unable to create sites from SharePoint or the admin center
– Unable to access Viva Engage or connector webparts

Outlook on the web
– Unable to access the Viva Engage app

Viva Engage
– Unable to access Viva Engage Embed content

Microsoft Teams
– Unable to access OneDrive from the app tray
– Unable to access the Files and Pages tabs within a Teams channel
– Unable to access Viva connections
Further information can be found in the Message center under MC697433 specifically pertaining to Microsoft Teams impact scenarios and potential workarounds.

Additional details and workaround options have been provided by Google Chrome at the following links:

Current Update: 01/04/2024 08:45:00 AM Microsoft are continuing to make progress and are anticipating that the SharePoint Online scenario affecting the ability to create sites will be addressed within the next two weeks. They also expect to have a more detailed ETA for the remaining impact scenarios by their next update.

Scope of impact: Currently one percent of Google Chrome users may experience impact.

Root cause: A recent third-party network change is preventing some Microsoft 365 features to function as expected when accessed via a specific web browser.

Next update by: Friday, April 12, 2024, at 11:30 PM UTC

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