Information – Collaboration Licensing – Mailbox Uplift phase 2

03/11/2023 11:10:00 AM

We Announced on 10th October that one of the benefits for Digital Information Workers is to have a larger 50GB mailbox as part of the Collaboration Licensing deal.

We are pleased to confirm this was completed well ahead of the 30-day timeline originally quoted and that all in-scope mailboxes have been upgraded. Approximately 1.3 million mailboxes now have a 50GB mailbox. Phase 2 of this work was to continue to apply a 50GB mailbox quota to all mailboxes that become in-scope where they weren’t originally – this covers newly created accounts and accounts that are transferred to an appropriate organisation.

We are pleased to confirm that post successful testing, all mailboxes within Phase 2 are now uplifted and a mailbox uplift process will now run as an ongoing activity every 30 minutes.

To report any issues, please contact 0333 200 1133 /

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