Information – Microsoft 365 Alert – NHSmail Intune – iOS/iPad minimum supported version

04/10/2023 16:20:00 PM (GMT)

Message: With the release of the new iOS/iPad the minimum supported version in Intune has changed and now requires a minimum of iOS/iPad 15 to enrol a device.

User Impact:  Any users with currently enrolled that fall under the proposed minimum version will fall out of compliance, but the device will remain enrolled in Intune.
Any non-managed devices that fall under the minimum version and attempt to enrol will fail and be presented with an error message.

On 11th October, to reflect this change, we will be updating the following Policies:

  • Baseline-Central-iOS/iPadOS-Compliance Policy – Minimum OS 15.0
  • Enhanced-Central-iOS/iPadOS-Compliance Policy – Minimum OS 16.0
  • Restricted-Central-iOS/iPadOS-Compliance Policy – Minimum OS 16.0
  • EMS-Central-Apple-Shared Device-Compliance Policy – Minimum OS 15.0
  • Enhanced-Central-MAM-BYOD-Apple-Default Policy – Minimum OS 16.0
  • Restricted-Central-MAM-BYOD-Apple-Default Policy – Minimum OS 16.0

Live service recommendation: Devices should be on the latest OS available to protect the device with latest security patches.

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