Teams Phone System Release – Content Summary

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Teams Phone System release, R10923, which was deployed on the 28th September 2023.

Bug Fixes

  • 81267 – Update Dial Plans screen support article link

Previously when users were redirected from PowerApps Dial Plans screen to Dial Plan support site article link the page was giving a 404 error. Support site link to Dial Plan has been updated, and the same link within the PowerApp has now been updated.

Product Backlog Items

  • 80233 – Accessibility Item- Contrast ratio to be increased

Contrast ratios have been increased on all identified elements to reach minimum requirements.

  • 80235 – Accessibility Item – Tab indexes to be correctly configured

To support users who are habituated to use keyboard Tab Indexes have been configured. On clicking the Tab users can now easily move from one instance to another.

  • 80232 – Accessibility Item – Add focused border thickness to all identified elements

To support partially sighted users in identifying which component on the screen they are on/can interact with. Changing the Focused Border Thickness to a number higher than 0 means that when a user tabs to a component, the component then has a visible border.

  • 78210 – Improvements to upload numbers process – Support for Excel Templates

When users are uploading numbers using a csv template, the app currently requires users to edit the template in a text editor only, like notepad, as using excel corrupts the file. Support has been added to the backend processes so that a user can edit the template in excel, allowing them to manipulate large quantities of numbers more easily.  The screen has also been updated with a link to a new support site article with additional help on this process, as well as including a pop-up screen to ask the user to confirm they have uploaded numbers in E.164 format.

Please note: There are new templates to support this change that are available on the upload numbers screen by clicking on the ‘Download Template’ button.

  • 81351 – Improvements to the Pending Actions Message When Uploading Numbers

Updates to the upload numbers process are given to the user via the Pending Actions screen which contain any numbers which can’t be uploaded and the reasons why the error occurred. These messages have been updated to better describe the error that occurred during the upload.

  • 80832 – Release Number Pop Up Message

When users click on a number in their inventory and click ‘Release’ a pop-up message for the user to confirm the action. The text in this pop up has been adjusted to inform the user that this will remove the number from the app, as opposed to unassigning numbers from users.

  • 81133 – Add Resource Account Licensing Screen Label and Button

When users create a resource account they need to assign a ‘virtual user license’. This is done by submitting a two-part form, one to create the resource account and the second to license it. The screen has been updated to include a ‘Next’ button instead of a submit button to indicate there is another step in the process, and the text guidance has been updated to clarify that users need to click submit to assign a license.

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