Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Teams – Some Surface Laptop 4 users’ video may freeze when enabling their camera during Microsoft Teams meetings – RESOLVED

20/03/2023 09:39:00 AM (GMT)

NHSmail Reference : INC34856638

Microsoft Reference : TM529365

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Some Surface Laptop 4 users may experience video freezing when enabling the camera within Microsoft Teams.

More Information : Impact is specific to Surface Laptop 4 devices with AMD Central Processing Units (CPU) and occurs when a user enables their camera during a Microsoft Teams meeting or call. This may affect other scenarios that involve using a camera within Microsoft Teams.

Final Update : 21/03/2023 07:55:00 AM – After a thorough review of the event, Microsoft have identified that the majority of customers receiving this communication are not affected by this problem. Customers that they’ve validated are impacted by this event will continue to receive updates through a separate posting.

Scope of impact: Any user with a Surface Laptop 4 with AMD CPU may be impacted when enabling the camera in Microsoft Teams.

Root cause : A recent driver update for the Surface Laptop AMD video output contained a code error resulting in impact.

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