Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Exchange Online – Attachments missing from sent email when using Outlook for iOS devices – RESOLVED

21/11/2022 08:55:00 AM (GMT)

NHSmail Reference : INC32765277

Microsoft Reference : EX467453 

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Some users’ email messages with attachments sent via the iOS Outlook mobile client may be received without attachments.

More info : Users’ email messages with attachments sent in the iOS Outlook mobile client may have been received without attachments. This affected iOS users sending messages with attachments who have Intune policies enabled.

Scope of impact : A small subset of users on the Outlook for iOS version 4.2245.0, with Intune policies enabled, may have experienced impact.

Final Update : 21/11/2022 08:55:00 AM – Microsoft confirmed that the fix was approved by Apple review, successfully deployed, and is now available for all users in the App Store.

Root cause : A recent Outlook iOS client update (version 4.2245.0) contained a code regression which may have inhibited attachments from sending as expected in Outlook mobile email messages sent on iOS devices.

Next steps : Microsoft is assessing their Outlook client update validation methodology so they can ensure similar regressions aren’t introduced in future deployments.

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