Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Microsoft Teams – Some users may experience unexpected restarts within Microsoft Teams – RESOLVED

04/08/2022 16:21:00 PM (BST)

Microsoft Reference : TM409304

NHSmail Reference : INC30917823

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Users’ Microsoft Teams desktop client on Windows 10 devices unexpectedly restarts.

Scope of impact : Your organization was affected by this event, and any Windows 10 user may have been affected.

Final Update : 05/08/2022 08:11:00 AM – Microsoft’s period of monitoring service health telemetry confirms that their reversion of the affecting update has successfully remediated impact for all users.

Root cause : A new feature update meant to enhance the calling experience within Microsoft Teams contained a code issue which was resulting in impact.

Next steps : Microsoft are reviewing the affecting update to identify how the code issue was missed during testing and validation to better prevent similar future impact.

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