Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Exchange Online – Some admins may be intermittently unable to access the Exchange admin center – RESOLVED

01/08/2022 14:21:00 PM (BST)

Microsoft Reference : EX408287

NHSmail Reference : INC30856245

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Admins may be intermittently unable to access the Exchange admin center.

More info : This was specific to the Modern EAC User Experience –

Microsoft received reports that admins may have been able to access the classic EAC via as a workaround. However, the classic EAC user experience does have limited functionality. Additionally, as an alternative, admins could leverage Remote PowerShell.

Scope of impact : Impact was specific to some admins attempting to access the EAC who were served through the affected infrastructure.

Final Update : 02/08/2022 12:26:00 PM – Microsoft’s monitoring and testing indicates that the change to alternate CDN infrastructure has successfully restored admins’ service access.

Root cause : Recent actions to migrate EAC traffic to Microsoft OneCDN inadvertently caused the Microsoft 365 admin center to drop support for pre-OneCDN package bundles, causing intermittent connection issues for users accessing the EAC modern user experience.

Next steps : Microsoft are preparing an additional update to restore pre-OneCDN package bundles

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