Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Exchange Online – Unable to access Exchange Online – RESOLVED

18/07/2022 15:48:00 PM (BST)

Issue Reported : 18/07/2022 03:20:00 PM UTC

Microsoft Reference : EX401976

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Unable to access Exchange Online

More info : Users able to access Exchange Online may experience degraded functionality with multiple Exchange Online features.

Scope of impact :This issue could have impacted any user attempting to access Exchange Online and were located in the North-Eastern United States and surrounding geographical regions.

Final Update : 18/07/2022 18:33:00 PM – After a period of extended monitoring, Microsoft have confirmed that the issue is resolved.

Root cause : A network router was performing below acceptable thresholds, resulting in impact.

Next steps : Microsoft are analyzing the affected network router to identity why the issue occurred and develop plans to prevent the issue from occurring again.

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