16/02/2022 03:00:00 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported: 16/02/2022 01:00:00 PM

Issue Status: RESTORED 

Issue Description: The NHSmail team are aware of an issue resulting in legitimate mails sent using RxWeb which are subsequently being quarantined on the platform. There are a number of cyber security measures in place which are employed to protect all NHSmail users from cyber-attacks, phishing campaigns and other malicious activities. As a consequence of the automated nature of these tools and services, there are occasions when false positives are identified and impacted. We are working to update the security signatures used to allow these mails to flow in the usual way and hope to have this issue resolved soon. Thank you for your patience.

Final Update: 22/04/2022 11:05:00 AM – We have continued to monitor the number of emails quarantined and they do seem to be consistently below 1% of the total emails. Due to this, we believe that this case can now be resolved.

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