Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Exchange Online – A small percentage of users’ shared mailboxes aren’t automatically refreshing new email in the Outlook desktop client – RESOLVED

08/02/2022 12:22:00 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported : 19/02/2022 05:40:00 PM (UTC)

Microsoft Reference : EX316072

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users’ shared mailboxes aren’t automatically refreshing for new email in the Outlook desktop client.

More info: While Microsoft focused on remediation, users that have access to Outlook on the web can use this connection method to bypass this problem. Some affected users have reported that manually refreshing their folders using key shortcuts, such as pressing F9 or CTRL + M, may result in intermittent success as well.

Admins may also be able to create new user profiles to work around this issue.

Scope of Impact : A small percentage of users aren’t seeing their shared mailboxes automatically refresh.

Final Update: 08/02/2022 12:22:00 PM: Microsoft is awaiting additional system logs from affected users’ profiles to assist with the investigation. Please contact support for further details on how to collect the requested data and once it has been collected, and they will resume our analysis of the issue.

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