HSCN Connectivity Issue – Cloud Video Interoperability

21-07-2021 12:05:16 PM (BST)

Accenture are aware of an issue with organisations not able to successfully connect to the Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) service from the HSCN network. Accenture are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Please note: Connections to the service that are initiated outside of the HSCN i.e. from the internet are not impacted by this issue.

Current Update- 3/08/2021 10:32:00 AM : The NHSmail team have successfully implemented a fix to allow connectivity to the cvi.nhs.net domain from the HSCN. Organisations may still continue to observe issues when connecting from the HSCN network. This is due to the change requiring some time to fully replicate which is expected to complete within the next 48 hrs. Organisations should also ensure any local DNS cache is flushed prior to attempting to perform a connection.

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