Microsoft Alert: Service degradation – Yammer Enterprise service alert- Users in Europe can’t sign in to the Yammer classic web experience

16-02-2023 12:07:08 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported: 13/05/2021 02:00:00 PM

Microsoft Reference : YA256206

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: We are aware of an issue wherein users are unable to sign in to the Yammer classic web experience. Users of the Yammer classic web experience that were already signed in would not have been affected. Additionally, Users of the modern Yammer experience and Yammer mobile apps were unaffected.

Affected users will be unable to sign in and will see the errors: “Incorrect user name or password” and “Trouble logging in? Your organization’s login requirements may have changed. Reset Your Password or contact your admin for help.”

Scope of impact: Any user in Europe starting a fresh login session may have experienced this impact.

Final Update – 14/05/2021 12:36:00 PM: Microsoft have identified an unexpected network routing misconfiguration which caused localized infrastructure authentication failures, leading to impact for users located in Europe. Microsoft have resolved the routing configuration issue and restarted the portion of infrastructure which processes user authentication requests, which has successfully mitigated the impact. Service has been restored to normal.

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