Portal – Overstrand Release


The Overstrand Portal release was implemented as planned on the evening of 16/07/2020 with new features for core NHSmail Portal functionality and bug fixes.

New Functionality

PODS-Have an ability for PODS work area to auto-unblock sites from self-registration after 1   hour

Scope of this PBI is to auto-unblock sites from self-registration after 1hr. Now the sites get blocked from proceeding with self-registration if the max number of invalid attempts is reached (10). When user tries to register with the same site details within 1 hr, he will be presented with a countdown clock and the site will be auto unblocked after an hour and the user will be able to proceed with the same details again.

Add the domain being requested for Allow list to the table and dialogue box during approval

This PBI enables the users to be able to view the domain that is being requested for Allow list and the justification in the approval dialogue box, which earlier was not present. This give users a clear visibility of the request details.

Add licence subscription number to O365 licence expiry notification email for LA’s (Dev only)

Scope of this PBI is When a LA receives an email stating that a O365 licence of theirs is about to expire, Adjust the automated licence expiry email that is sent by the portal to include the licence subscription number.

Add account expiry date column to view guest users page

Scope of this PBI is to Add a column to the ‘view guest user’ page that includes the expiry date

of the guest users account

 Bulk edit of users/shared mailboxes/resource mailboxes to have notes field on the UI

 Scope of this PBI is Allowing the admin to enter notes for users/shared mailboxes/resource mailboxes in bulk. It’s not a mandatory field, the properties and validations should remain the same what we have for other notes field in the portal. Any disallowed character in the notes field would throw a form error and user will not be able to proceed without correcting it.

Teams once deleted via desktop or web app (which interacts directly with tenant),

still appear as valid on Portal

Scope of this PBI is the teams channel to not show up on the Portal screen once deleted or error message must be consistent to ensure user knows the specific teams doesn’t exist anymore

 PODS Shared Mailbox Alias and DisplayName change

Scope of this PBI is to follow new nomenclature for mailbox aliases and display name as provided from NHSE.   

 Update lock/unlock sync job to target only active accounts in AD

 Scope of this PBI is we need to ensure when the account is in disabled state in AD no further action can be performed on it. This will ensure lock/unlock job doesn’t target such accounts in AD as they’re in disabled state after delete operation via Portal

 Remove guest inviter role assignment restriction to user’s org

Scope of this PBI is to Allow admins to have guest inviter role for organizations where they’ve local admin and local primary admin but not aligned to their own org

 Add licence subscription number to O365 licence expiry notification email for LA’s (Test only)

Scope of this PBI is to ensure the testing is covered for O365 licence expiry notification in the email

 Changes to allowed list terminology

Scope of this PBI is to rename the terminologies from ‘Whitelisted’ to ‘AllowedList’ in the portal wherever it is applicable.

 Carousel Update – Overstrand

There’s a change to the Carousel in the home page as part of this release, which are related to NHSMail refresh and SFB.


EXO :: Refactor retrieve details of shared mailboxes

The scope of this PBI include the following:

Refactor the SharedMailbox/GetDetails broker operation into the strategy pattern

Ensure that the PowerShell commands to retrieve the members of the Shared Mailbox are executed against Exchange Online

Refactoring of the Service Layer

Refactoring of the Domain Layer

Refactoring of the controller to use the new Service Bus pattern

EXO :: Add national licence subscription in Portal DB for Model Office and Production

In this PBI the subscription for the national licence will need to be added to the production portal table, and the mappings will also need to be modified to ensure they are mapped correctly.

EXO :: Add O365 licence to user when restoring a user

As part of this PBI when an exchange online user is restored through the NHSmail portal, the user should be added into the default user policy for the organisation and have their O365 licence restored.

EXO :: Add the ability to transfer a user between user policies from User  Permissions

As part of this PBI With the migration of the NHSmail platform to Exchange Online, users will always be required to be a member of a user policy, as such a user will no longer be able to be removed from the user policy through the User Details -> Permissions -> User Policy page and instead the ability to transfer a user between user policies in this scenario will be added.

EXO :: Allow disabled & Active Leavers users to be included in a user policy

Previously, administrators of user policies were not allowed to add users in a Disabled and Active(Leaver) state. This business rule must now be changed to allow administrators to add these users.

This change would apply to both the User Policy pages as well as the User Details pages.

EXO :: Change PODS National Policy for NAS organisation to use E3 Licence

As part of the first iteration of the national licence implementation, NAS and non-NAS orgs were set up to use different licence types. This must now be changed so that NAS orgs also have access to the national E3 licence.

Change the creation of the PODS National Policy for NAS orgs to use the same default template as the one used for non-NAS orgs.

EXO :: Consolidated O365 admin role into other portal roles

In this PBI the O365 Admin role should be consolidated into the Local Admin, Local Primary Admin, Global Helpdesk & Tenant Admin roles.

EXO :: Create a deployment script to set the default policy for each organisation

In this PBI Each England organisation should programmatically have a default user policy set to ensure that further changes can be made by local admins.

EXO :: Create a User Policy Picker

In this PBI with the migration of the NHSmail platform to Exchange Online, there is a number of scenarios          where an admin of the NHSmail portal would like to be able to select a user policy. These scenarios include the following:

When selecting a default policy for an organisation

When moving a user between user policies from the User Details -> Permissions -> User Policy tab

When creating a single user

EXO :: Create org specific national policies

In this PBI as part of the migration to Exchange Online, each organisation within the NHSmail portal will be required to have one or more mapped user policies. One of these mapped user policies will be a user policy using the appropriate national licence.

EXO :: Default teams call recording to be on

As part of this PBI In user policy when turning on the Stream application, by default the Teams Call Recording application should also be turned on.

When creating/updating a User Policy, once an appropriate base licence subscription has been selected from the dropdown (if applicable), the Stream application should be turned on by default, and subsequently the Teams call recording application should also be turned on by default. Afterwards, the administrator can choose to turn off Teams Call Recording and leave Stream enabled, or disable Stream, which would also disable Teams Call Recording as per current functionality.

EXO :: Enables MS Teams dial in conferencing

In this PBI as an admin of the NHSmail portal I would like to be able to turn on Teams dial in for users through a user policy.

 EXO :: Implement an event driven licence service

This PBI is to create an event driven service for actions or scheduled jobs occur in the system, this must result in an event being raised that will trigger an Azure licence reconciliation for the impacted user(s):

Create User

Update User

Delete User

Restore User

Transfer User

Re-Enrol MFA

Mark as Joiner

Add user(s) to a policy

Transfer user(s) between policies

Mailbox Hygiene – Delete leavers older than 1 month

Mailbox Hygiene – Delete Disabled Users

Mailbox Hygiene – Delete Inactive Users

For the scope of this PBI only the Add user(s) to a policy event will be implemented. The other events will be done in subsequent PBIs.

EXO :: Map policy settings to licence subscriptions

For a given base licence, there is a scenario where the administrators may want to apply settings which are specific to that licence type. An example of a setting that an admin may want to apply on a base licence is the mailbox size. In this scenario, portal admins should be provided with the ability to change these settings on a User Policy for EXO users.

EXO :: Modification of setting organisation default policies

An organisation would like to change its default user policy, to do this they would raise a service desk ticket for a global/tenant admin to change. Scope of this PBI is to allow this change via the Organisations -> Policies tab, and the appropriate policy should be selected.

EXO :: Modify teams call recording implementation, following platform enablement

The Teams call recording setting has been applied to all users on the NHSmail platform following the roll out of Teams to support Covid-19. As a result, the implementation of setting Teams Call Recording should be amended.

Currently when activating call recording, we assign a policy and when disabling we set a Null policy, this PBI will do the opposite, and assign a null policy to enable and a non-null policy to deactivate recording.

EXO :: Modify the large mailbox quota job to only consider national licences

After execution of the ‘Renew Large Mailbox Quota Limit’ hangfire job, the large mailbox quota for each organisation should be updated. Considering the current restrictions and the restriction that only users that are nationally licenced should be included when calculating the quota.

 EXO :: Modify the leaver process to not remove licences

When marking a user as a leaver in the NHSmail portal, the user (on prem & EXO ) is currently removed from any user policy they may belong to, however with the migration to Exchange Online users from organisations within England/Scotland will be required to keep their licence once marked as an Active (Leaver).

EXO :: Modify the Transfer & Joiner process to add users to the correct user policy

As scope of this PBI When a user is transferred between organisations or joins a new organisation, the user policy that they are a member of will be updated, such that the user is added to the default user policy for their joining organisation.

EXO :: O365 Hybrid – Remove the “additional organisation” functionality from the User Policies

With the development of PBI 30427 where the ability to add all users to user policies will get introduced, this will remove the need to require the “additional organisation” functionality in the portal and DB. This PBI is to remove the additional organisation functionality and adjust the existing DB tables to reflect this change.

 EXO :: Refactor Add On Licences to apply through Licence Subscriptions

Scope of this PBI is to Modify the user policy create and edit processes and pages to allow administrators to add add-on licences to user policies to add additional functionality.

 EXO :: Refactor current licence reports

Scope of this PBI is to add a column to the mailbox report to include the mailbox location (Exchange Online or Exchange On-Premise).

Add column to position 7, after ‘MailboxType’, in report.

EXO :: Refactor get Resource Mailbox

The Scope of this PBI is :

Refactor the ResourceMailbox/GetDetails broker operation into the strategy pattern

Remove the direct coded PowerShell to retrieve the booking response type into PowerShell Commands to be executed against both environments

Validate that shared PowerShell functions continue to work with

 EXO :: Refactor the import and add user functionality on user policies

Local admins will be moving users between user policies regularly, including single and bulk operations.  Currently, if a user is in a policy, they cannot be moved to another policy without first being removed from the policy they are in. Moving forward, local admins will be able to move users between policies by adding them to a new policy, automatically removing them from the old one.

EXO :: Refactor the Mailbox Hygiene Delete functionality

Scope of this PBI is to Ensure that the mailbox hygiene jobs work with the refactored broker operations, this should include the following

Delete Active Leavers more than 30 days

Delete Disabled Users

Delete Inactive Users

EXO :: Remove a user’s licence when a user is deleted

This PBI includes the following scope

Remove the user from their existing user policy.

Trigger a licence event in which the licence service will remove the users O365 licence.

EXO :: Remove the Remove member functionality from user policies

This PBI includes following scope

Remove the cross from the member’s box on the Edit pages. Cross can remain on the Create page.

This should only apply to Organisations in England

EXO :: Rename the StaffHub application to Shifts

Scope of this PBI is application toggle should be changed on the edit page for existing user policies created before the name change from Microsoft StaffHub to Microsoft Shifts

EXO :: Restrict the update of national policies

As part of this PBI each organisation will have a national user policy associated to their organisation using the licence type that is the correct licence type for their organisation. Editing of the settings and applications on these policies should be restricted.

Bug Fixes

EXO :: Update the Create Team PowerShell

To fix this bug the New-Team command no longer accepts the -AccessType parameter, instead the – Visibility parameter should be used. The value of the parameter should remain the same

 EXO :: Nimrod: MO – Hangfire job ‘ RenewLargeMailboxQuotaLimit’ is failing in MO

The ‘RenewLargeMailboxQuotaLimit’ job was generating errors in the logs even though the job was successful. This bug aims to fix those errors in the logs.

EXO :: Refactor the import and add user functionality on user policies

Pre-condition : The default policy value of the organisation should have all the add on licences and MFA licences consumed.

Restore an EXO deleted user.

Expected Result: Error message should be displayed that no licences are available

Actual Result : Restore process is getting initiated successfully.

EXO :Sprint 139: Regression, Planner application should be turned on by default for national policies

The planner application should be turned on by default for all national policies associated with the O365 User licence.

O365 Hybrid – O365 Admin unable to create SharePoint if the SharePoint’s organisation

is not at the top of the user’s admin list (Also applies to B2B Guest Inviters)

O365 Admin able to create SharePoint if the SharePoint’s organisation is not at the top of the user’s

admin list (Also applies to B2B Guest Inviters)

My Approvals page should clear pending requests older than 30 days

The expectation here is that all B2B Attestation requests older than 30 days with status as pending

should clear out from this page

BAU Regression: MFA toggle is getting enabled for Non O365 orgs when the user policy

is edited.

MFA toggle is getting enabled for Non O365 orgs when the user policy is edited. This aims at fixing the defect raised during sprint testing.

Sprint-130: 32923: MFA is getting dropped after assigning multiple admin roles.

Fix to make sure MFA should not get dropped after assigning multiple admin roles.

Growl message and audit is not captured when RMB is created with all fields.

Fix is to resolve the Growl message issue and audits, to make sure it works properly.

BAU Regression: SMB retains larger mailbox in UI even after transfer operation

The fix aims at resolving an UI issue related to larger mailbox in SMBs

BAU Regression: Sprint 132: 36093: Colon is accepted when entered in notes

field for users, SMB and RMB.

Colon should not be allowed in notes field except for allowed characters and should show the validation message.

Sprint 133: 36662: LA, LPA, Tenant (B2BAdmin permission) are not able to edit external

Federated group

Able to edit the external federated group after the fix.

Sprint 134: 23493: Consumed and Available license count is not getting updated in

O365License report

Consumed and Available license should get updated in O365License report whenever license is consumed or removed, which was raised as part of sprint and fixed.

Sprint 134: 33394: LastLogonDate column is not getting updated in Database.

Fix is to update LastlogonDate column is updated in DB

Sprint-135:37155-Admins with email address greater than 50 characters cannot create,

update and delete SharePoint.

Fix allows Admins with email address greater than 50 characters cannot create update and delete SharePoint.

Sprint 135: 37155: Creation of PWA and B2B Guest Inviter List fails when admin has

access to more than 1 organisation

Fix enabled Creation of PWA without any issues/errors

Sprint 135: 37155: Update Yammer is erroring out via LA, LPA, Tenant, Global helpdesk

Fix aims at providing error free yammer updates.

Sprint 135: 37151: DisplayName in SMB edit page is duplicated with org name when

org name has ODS code in it

DisplayName in SMB edit page should not be duplicated with org name and Name field should

be  Pharmacy.ODSCode/ Care.ODSCode/ Dentistry.ODSCode/

Populating short name for the pending organisation doesn’t make them active

Populating short name for the pending organisation doesn’t make them active

BAU Regression- MO- Multiple audits has been captured for a single action of Authenticate User.

Fix aims at resolving the multiple Audit entries generated on successful Authenticate user action.

BAU Regression: Audit is captured as soon as “Authenticate User” button is clicked.

Audit should be captured for the Authenticate User action and failed Authenticate User action

BAU: Global help desk role is unable to download O365 reports.

O365 reports should be downloaded by GHD role.


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