Portal – Meteor Release


The Meteor Portal release was implemented as planned on the evening of 04/03/2020 with new features for core NHSmail Portal functionality and bug fixes.


New Functionality

Reporting roles at local and global organisation level

This has been a new requirement from business to have reporting roles at local and global level. This is to ensure there are administrators local as well as globally who can extract reports on the organisations, they have control of. Local Report Admin role will have access to local organisation reports, and Global Report Admin will have access to platform wide reports. These roles can’t perform any other administrative work performed by local or global administrators. Also, Global Report Admin can be configured by Global/Tenant admin roles only.

Remove unity references from web.config and app.config

We currently have 2 styles for using adding classes to the Unity IOC framework – the newer one is to use the programmatic registration in a file called UnityConfig.cs. The older one has references in the web.config and app.config files. Having both present is confusing and can lead to unnecessary overhead (i.e. where someone has registered a class in web.config for one project but not for others). Hence, this technical debt item aims at removing the older framework completely. Refactoring into the new framework should cover for all the existing objects and their related transactions on the platform.

UpdateAccountStatus sync both locks and unlocks

This feature request aims at updating the frequency of the UpdateAccountStatus Sync job to 15mins rather than 60mins. Number of accounts it can process at time is capped to 2000 per run to avoid making AD too busy.

Hide application accounts in GAL/address book

This feature request aims at hiding application accounts in GAL and PeopleFinder (Portal) by default. This is to ensure application accounts can not be emailed at by internal users. This property can only be unset by global admins if they wish to do so for any specific application account. For all existing application accounts, they will be hidden by CMS from back end.

PODS- Upgrade owner/members limit to 10 for Pharmacy self-registration workflow

This feature request aims at upgrading owners/members limit to 10 for Pharmacy site related Shared Mailboxes created through PODS self-registration workflow. This is going to be applicable for only new registration workflow, for all the ones which are created on the platform they can be managed via Portal to add new owners and members.

Update Mailbox report to have a constant value for hidden phone numbers

This feature request aims at upgrading mailbox report to have a constant value as ‘Hidden’ for all hidden phone numbers. This is inline with the GDPR guidelines and an expansion of existing function where mobile numbers get hidden based on users consent through Portal.

Add export option to O365 Licence report to report usage across all organisations on the platform.

This feature request aims at merging Office 365 licence report to admin reports. After implementing this  feature request the report can be downloaded into csv format by authorised admins.

PODS- Warning message for users trying to register for already registered organisations

This PBI aims at adding a warning message on UI for users trying to register their site as part of PODS self-registration which may have already been registered by another user from their sites. The error message is to be shown when the user picks the organisation from the post code lookup screen based on matches.

Update the footer to reflect current year

This PBI aims at update the footer to reflect the current year. Rather than making manual changes this will just be pulling the year from the server datetime will be ideal. This will ensure the year gets pulled correctly from the server automatically rather than manually.

Bug Fixes

Portal URL incorrect in NHSMail2.Common app.conf.PROD

This bug-fix aims at fixing a Production configuration which amends to the URL sent to users on an email. Rather than pointing to approval list view it had the server FQDN.

O365 Hybrid – The “Add Myself” check box for Teams doesn’t stay in sync with the members/owners list

This bug-fix aims at fixing ‘Add Myself’ check box related issues while creating Teams via Portal. Bug caused issues around syncing this to tenant.

Removing Permissions does not set Last Updated

The intended fix aims at updating last updated when you remove permission from the user via edit user page.

Removing Permissions for User allows Shared Mailboxes to be Left with No Owning User

This bug fix ensures shared mailboxes aren’t left with no owning users if an admin tries removing the last owner.

BAU- Few of the service properties and mailbox statistics links are active for ‘deleted_permanent’ users

The bug fix aims at ensuring none of mailbox statistics link and service properties are active for users who are in deleted_permanent account state. For ‘Deleted’ state users this is already working as intended.

O365 Teams – adding already added members as owner through ‘addmyself’ option in Teams causes error

The bug fix aims at ensuring adding already added member to teams through addmyself option does not cause problem in editing the teams.

Sprint 121: 31559: IE issues: Joiner request is erroring out self-service leaver/joiner

The fix aims at ensuring the joiner request which intermittently errored out via IE is taken care of.

BAU Regression: Export button is disabled even when search results are displayed in Org & Site search page

The fix aims at ensuring the export is button is enabled in all combination of scenarios when the results are displayed. When there are no results found the export button to remain disabled via UI.

Existing aliases being reused and made available for new account creations

The fix aims to ensure existing aliases are not shown as available for new account creation via Portal.

BAU Regression: For LA: Search is not giving appropriate results in Distribution lists page.

This fix aims at ensuring search in the DL page gives appropriate result.

BAU Regression: NonAdmin: Email Name does not display full Email Name when it has dot

This fix aims at ensuring the email name gets displayed fully when it has a dot in it.

Sprint-123:9788: Global/O365 Report Admin role are not able to Download Azure AD reports.

This fix aims at fixing to ensure Global users can download Azure AD reports via admin reports view.

Lancaster-MO- Approval requests view for LOA should always be sorted for better viewing/action

This fix aims at fixing the approval requests view based on date and status of the request for better viewing and action by an admin.

Sprint-124: 9788 – Export button in organisation/Site page is disabled after a blank search.

This bug aims at enabling the export button when valid search results are displayed following a blank search.

MO- Self-service leaver joiner – Incorrect growl message is displayed when user self-nominates transfer request to same org via IE

This fix aims at ensuring correct growl message population when user self-nominates transfer request to same org via IE.

Regression bug fix for IOC framework refactor

This fix aims at ensuring all bug fixes for IOC framework refactor is done and closed.

Sprint 126: 31643: Blank O365 License report is exported via O365 Local Report Admin login

This fix aims at ensuring Office 365 licence report is exported via O365 local report admin role contains valid data.

Sprint 126: 33744 – Warning message displayed to the users for CP and Dentistry are having Pharmacy email address

This fix aims at ensuring warning message displayed to users for Care Provider and Dentistry have correct email address assigned.

Sprint 126: 31643: Available licenses column is blank in downloaded report

This fix aims at ensuring available licence column for licence report does have correct value when downloaded.

Sprint 126: 31643: LA/LPA can download o365 License report

This fix aims at ensuring BAU roles without Office 365 admin role aren’t allowed to download Office 365 licence report.

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