Organisation Data Service (ODS) data feed

Currently NHSmail updates its directory on a monthly basis using organisation data held by the Organisation Data Services (ODS) team. ODS is the authoritative source of organisation and site data within the NHS. On 9 August 2019 NHSmail will be implementing a more frequent daily feed to the ODS data using their new programmatic interface (the XML feed) which will ensure that any updates made by the ODS team will be reflected within the NHSmail directory almost instantaneously. However, it should be noted that although the majority of the ODS data is updated daily, some data the ODS team process only receive monthly updates e.g. dental practices. This will have a benefit to existing organisations using the NHSmail service as well as newly onboarding organisations with more accurate and up to date data.

If you notice any anomalies with the Organisation data on NHSmail please contact the ODS team at to resolve the issue, which once resolved will automatically be reflected in NHSmail.

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