• INC29834135 – SharePoint Site Creation – NEW

    05/09/2022 14:14:00 PM
    NEW – We are aware of an issue where end users trying to create a new SharePoint site, having selected the appropriate template to use, are greeted with the error message “this template is no longer in use”

  • INC29834135 – NHSmail Delivery Delay – RESOLVED

    21/06/2022 05:19:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an issue this morning relating to mail delivery across the NHSmail platform. The issue is impacting mails being sent from nhs.net email addresses to external mail domains, and also messages from external domains to nhs.net mailboxes; testing appears to show that mails to and from the nhs.uk domain and from nhs.net to nhs.net are not impacted.

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