Zebra Mobility Extension

Zebra Mobility Extensions (MX) is an existing Intune feature to allow local organisations to allow the automated configuration of Zebra and Samsung ruggedised devices.

Zebra OEMConfig is Zebra’s OEM-specific application that conforms to the OEMConfig model. It provides access to Zebra-specific and privileged functions via Managed Configurations exposed by the Zebra OEMConfig application.

OEMConfig is a Google-sanctioned, standards-based approach for an OEM to extend the capabilities of an Android Enterprise (AE) Device Owner (DO) Device Policy Controller (DPC) running on an Android device by using an OEM-provided application. This app exposes Managed Configurations to access OEM-specific and privileged functions that are not provided via standard Android Enterprise APIs, such as the DevicePolicyManager.

Read More about Zebra OEM Config HERE

Information about how to configure Zebra OEMConfig is available in the NHSmail Intune LA Operations Guide.

Last Reviewed Date 29/02/2024
Updated on 29/02/2024

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