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Device Security Baseline Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As part of the Security Baseline policy rollout, this article has been created to provide Local Administrators (LAs) with further information on frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Overview Questions

What is the Security Baseline?

The Security Baseline is a set of Intune policies that will help to ensure Intune devices are equally protected at a fundamental level.  It ensures that a minimum set of controls are in place for Intune-licenced users, when consuming NHSmail services.  The baseline will not conflict with local Intune policies configured by Local Administrators.

Why is the Security Baseline needed?

Organisations may have different security configurations to suit their individual needs. Whilst some controls will always be determined locally, introducing the new baseline will ensure that devices belonging to Intune users and accessing NHSmail services, meet a minimum level of compliance that we should all be adhering to.

Intune Feature Questions

What are App Protection Policies (APP)?

Intune App Protection Policies (APP) can be used to keep an organisation’s data safe within core Microsoft apps on mobile devices.  They Protect data at the application level, not the device level so, even if the user’s device isn’t enrolled in Intune, the App Protection Policies will still be able to manage how NHS data is shared and accessed by applications.

What are Device Compliance Policies?

Intune Device Compliance Policies determine what settings are expected to be met on the devices themselves, for them to be considered compliant.  They improve the security status and compliance of managed devices by ensuring that devices adhere to specific standards.

What Happens to Non-Compliant Devices?

If a user’s device does not meet one or more of the Device Compliance controls, then the device is flagged as non-compliant in Intune.

General Questions

Is the Baseline Mandatory?

The new baseline will be automatically rolled out to all Intune licensed users. This is to ensure that, in line with the NHS ‘Defend as One’ security initiative, a minimum security level is achieved across the Intune estate.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For more information, please attend the introductory webinar (you will receive an invite to this webinar via email).

Last Reviewed Date 01/07/2024
Updated on 15/07/2024

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