Same Sign On Onboarding Guide


This document is intended for organisations that are implementing the Same Sign On solution for those using NHSmail as its primary email service. It details the end-to-end process for implementing the solution, including the installation of a user synchronisation solution as a pre-requisite and the Same Sign On tool. It provides a step-by-step guide which readers are encouraged to use as a checklist for reference during the onboarding process.

Document information and downloads

  • Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Key Benefits
  • Solution Overview
  • Onboarding Overview
  • Business Readiness
  • Technical Pre-requisites
  • Preparing for Installation
  • Installation of the Tool
  • Go Live
  • Uninstalling the password sync agent
  • Onboarding Support

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Last Reviewed Date 07/08/2023
Updated on 07/08/2023

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