Android FAQs

1. Overview

These FAQs are intended to support end users who are using Android devices on NHSmail Intune.

If you are an end user with an Android device, please refer to these FAQs and the recommended course/s of action to try to resolve any issue you may be having with your device.

If you have just received your NHSmail Intune Android device, you will need to follow the enrolment steps detailed in the Android Quick Start End User Guide.

2. Android Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The table below lists frequently asked questions about getting started and accessing applications on your Android device. Please read through these questions and the recommended course/s of action if you are having a technical issue with your device to try to resolve the issue yourself.


If you are unable to resolve your issue with the help of these FAQs, please contact an LA at your organisation.

Why isn’t my device turning on?

If your device is not turning on, it could mean the device battery level is too low. In this instance, plug in your device into a power socket. If your device is still having issues turning on, there may be a hardware issue and your device will need to be replaced. Please contact your Local Administrators (LAs).

How do I enrol my Android devices into Intune?

Please follow the steps outlined in Section 2 & 3 of the Android Quick Start End User Guide.

IS VPN connectivity required during Set up

No. VPN connectivity will not be required to login to your device or to access applications.

How do I switch/connect to a wireless network?

Please follow the steps below to switch your Wi-Fi connection:

1. Open the Settings app
2. Click Network and Internet
3. Click Wi-Fi from dropdown menu
4. Click Show available networks
5. Select network you wish to connect to
6. You may need to enter a password for Wi-Fi network to connect. You should be able to access this locally 

Why won’t my Android device connect to Wi-Fi?

If your device is not connecting to Wi-Fi please refer to the below courses of action to try to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Check your network settings to make sure your device has Wi-Fi enabled and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Check that your device is not on airplane mode. To do this:
a. Swipe down from the top of your screen, which will open your device’s notification panel, then swipe down from the notification panel to reveal the Quick Settings screen.
b. On the Quick Settings screen, you can toggle airplane mode ‘off’ if it is ‘on’. 

What applications are already installed?

A list of managed applications can be viewed below.
Disclaimer: Some stock Android applications (pre-built) may be removed during the fully managed enrolment process.
• Google Chrome
• Edge
• Company Portal App
• Intune Portal App Authenticator

Can I access my Outlook on my device?

You can install Outlook from the Company Portal.

How do I sync my device via the Company Portal?

Open the Company Portal or Intune Portal App on your device, and then select your phone as the device you wish to sync. You should then be able to click ‘Sync’ to complete this step.

Why won’t my device sync via the Company Portal?

If you have followed the instructions above to sync the phone and syncing is not working, please contact your LA.

Why can’t I install applications from the app store?

Downloading applications from the app store has been disabled in the baseline configuration. However, you can install applications from the Company Portal.

Why can’t I access the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store has been disabled as part of the baseline configuration. If you require additional apps, please contact your LA.

Why can’t I download/play local media?

This has been locked down as part of the baseline configuration. However, media content will still be able to be played through the Google Chrome browser.

Why won’t my files open locally?

The file may be trying to open in an application which is not installed locally. Please use web browser alternatives if required.

Why can’t I open PDFs?

Adobe PDF reader is not pre-installed on the device. Please use web alternatives if required.

Why can’t I reset my device?

Fully managed Android devices can only be reset by Local Administrators.
If you require your device to be reset, please contact your LA.

How do I connect peripherals (smartcards, barcode scanners etc) to my Android device

You can connect barcode scanners and other essential work-related accessories to your device via Bluetooth in device settings.

Why is my device crashing/blue screening?

If your device is crashing and blue screening regularly, there may be a hardware fault with your device. Please contact your LA who will be able to assess the issue and will work to resolve it. If this is a hardware fault, the device will need to be replaced.

Why can’t I take screenshots?

If you are attempting to take a screenshot in a managed app you may see an error saying, “Couldn’t save screenshot, taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app or your organisation.”
Fully managed devices do not allow you to take screenshots in managed apps which may hold company data.
Taking screenshots on unmanaged applications should not cause any issues.

What should I do if I have lost, broken or damaged my device?

If you have misplaced your device, you should immediately report this to your LA, so they can reset the device. If you have broken or damaged your device, please contact your LA for assistance.

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