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NHSmail FastTrack Partnership Programme

1. Overview

The NHSmail FastTrack partnership programme offers support to organisations to work with invited Microsoft FastTrack Ready partners who will provide remote expertise on selected Microsoft products on the shared tenant. The programme is fully funded until June 2026 and will be operated on a first come first served basis.

Organisations wishing to register for this service are advised to review the guidance below before registering for this service.

2. FastTrack webinars

NHSmail FastTrack Partnership Programme 10th January 2024 Recording

Link to the slide deck 

3. Registration and eligibility

The programme is open to all NHS organisations on the shared tenant or who utilise in scope services on the shared tenant and have at least 150 user accounts. To register for the programme, organisations must have chosen an in scope workload and have agreed a FastTrack Ready partner to work with on that chosen workload. Organisations can register for the service here.

4. FastTrack ready partners

FastTrack ready partners are trusted Microsoft partners who deliver the FastTrack benefit on behalf of Microsoft. They provide remote guidance for onboarding and service enablement of Microsoft products. They leverage and use the same content, tools and practices as Microsoft Engineers.

For a list of UK partners please visit the NHSmail FastTrack Partnership programme partner list.

Please note that all FastTrack partners can deliver all workloads and endorsements just show where a partner has gained a specialisation in a certain area.

For a full list of Microsoft’s global partners please see the Microsoft website.

5. In scope workloads

NHSmail organisations can choose up to 3 workloads from the list below. For further details on what is included for each of these workloads please visit the workload benefit descriptions page.

    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint /Microsoft Defender Antivirus
    • Intune
    • Teams – Core
    • Teams Rooms
    • Teams Phone Systems
    • Windows Client Deployment
    • M365 Apps

Please note some workloads may require additional licensing such as Teams Phone and Teams Rooms.
If you choose Intune as a workload, please note there is an additional reporting requirement.

6. How does the Programme work?

i. NHS Organisation chooses a workload from the defined list

ii. NHS Organisation chooses a FastTrack Ready Partner (FRP)

iii. NHS Organisation and FRP partner agree scope of engagement

iv. NHS Organisation submits registration form

v. NHS England lead receives form and confirms details with the NHS organisation

vi. NHS Organisation and FRP agree on and sign Claim Registration Form (CRF)

vii. NHS Organisation submits CRF to NHS England lead at england.nhsfrp@nhs.net for review and acceptance

viii. FRP submits CRF to Microsoft for review and acceptance.

ix. NHS England and Microsoft approval required for acceptance and enrolment into the programme.

x. NHS Organisation and FRP commence delivery of selected workload

xi. On completion of workload, NHS Organisation and FRP partner review and sign Proof of Engagement (POE) form

xii. NHS Organisation sends signed POE form to NHS England lead at england.nhsfrp@nhs.net for review and acceptance

xiii. FRP submits POE to Microsoft for review and acceptance. NHS England approval required for acceptance

xiv. NHS England leads notifies Microsoft of POE approval

xv. FRP is paid by Microsoft.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this for the shared tenant only?

Yes this is for shared tenant only, where organisations have a hybrid setup, only those services which are on the workload list and are on the shared tenant will be eligible. If you are not using the shared tenant but have signed the Participation Agreement and have at least 150 users, you can still utilise the standard Microsoft FastTrack offering, please speak with your FastTrack architect or visit the Microsoft FastTrack page.

Do I have to choose 3 workloads?

Organisations can choose any up to (or less than) 3 workloads

Do I have to start all workloads at the same time?

Organisations can choose to deploy one workload, then choose to start their second or third workloads later.

Do I have to use the same FastTrack partner?

Organisations can use different partners for different workloads, this allows organisations to fully utilise partners based on experience.

My chosen FastTrack partner is not on the list?

If your FastTrack partner is not the UK list, please check against the Microsoft Global partner list. If they are on neither list, please provide details of your partner by submitting their details in the UK partner list page or by emailing england.nhsfrp@nhs.net.

A workload offering I require is not in scope?

Due to the custom nature of the shared tenant, not all standard Microsoft FastTrack workloads are in scope and what is included within each workload will differ to the standard Microsoft offering.

I want my FastTrack partner to do more than what is in scope, can I still use the programme?

Organisations will define their own custom scopes of work with their chosen partner. If they choose for additional work that is out of scope of the programme, that additional work would be at the organisation’s expense with only the in scope work being funded.

Are OneDrive and SharePoint Migrations in scope?

OneDrive and SharePoint migrations are out of scope for the FastTrack Partnership Programme. There is however a different programme NHSmail FastTrack File share migration programme that supports this.

How do I engage Accenture to make changes requested by the FastTrack partner?

Organisations can engage Accenture through the existing service routes by raising a ticket at helpdesk@nhs.net or using the Helpdesk Self Service Form.

Our organisation provides tech services for other organisations, can we access the programme?

If you are an organisation for example an Integrated Care Board (ICB) or Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) that provides technical services for other organisations you can access the programme, but you will be treated as a single entity with a single point of contact and Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for sign off.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

For further information or support, please contact england.nhsfrp@nhs.net.

Last Reviewed Date 31/01/2024
Updated on 14/02/2024
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