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Intune for Windows10/HoloLens2 Early Adopters | Operations Guide


All Local Administrators and Programme Managers at Windows10/HoloLens2 Early Adopter organisations should use this Operations Guide to support with fulfilling key pre-requisites, device enrolment, Intune platform management and general Intune upskilling.

Please download this Operations Guide and use it to support the roll-out of Intune at your organisation.

This document may be updated periodically. Newer versions will be uploaded here.

Document information and downloads

  1. Document Overview
  2. Glossary
  3. High-Level Overview of the NHSmail Intune Solution
  4. Onboarding and Enrolment Prerequisites
  5. Windows 10 / HoloLens2 Early Adopters Support Model
  6. Microsoft Intune Overview
  7. Intune Policy Assignment Best Practices
  8. Windows 10 Enrolment
  9. HoloLens2 Device Enrolment
  10. Resetting and Wiping Windows 10 and HoloLens2 Devices
  11. Closing Comments

File type Adobe Acrobat PDF format
File size 2.3 MB

Last Reviewed Date 10/08/2021
Updated on 22/03/2024
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