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House rules

All ideas will be reviewed and approved by a moderator before being posted to Your Voice. Following the house rules will allow you to successfully vote for and post ideas. This page details the criteria you must meet for an idea to be approved and posted to the site.

NO patient identifiable data 

Patient data is confidential and cannot be displayed on the site. Posts containing any patient identifiable data will NOT be approved. You can use examples to describe your idea, but you must ensure that it does not include any patient data.

NO bad language

There is zero tolerance for bad language. Any bad language will prevent your idea from being approved and posted onto the site.

Think about your idea before posting it and make sure that it is phrased in a user-friendly manner.


Ideas must be respectful. Do not include disrespectful comments about your colleagues or patients.

This platform is a place for you to leave ideas for improvements, any negative comments without sensible suggestions will not be approved.

Relevant ideas 

Your Voice is for ideas on how we can improve your experience at work with digital and collaboration tools. Your idea will only be approved if it is relevant to NHSmail and NHS England.

New ideas

Before posting a new idea, search the site to check if your idea has already been posted by another user to avoid duplication.

If you find your idea already exists, you can vote for it!

If you find an idea that is similar to yours, but you feel like there is something useful to add, you can add a new idea but please make sure you explain the difference clearly in your idea description.

Clear and concise

When posting an idea please ensure that you have described it in a clear and concise manner. If you have more than one idea, please make multiple submissions rather than including multiple ideas in one post, as this will not be approved.

  • There is a limit of 132 characters for the name and 450 for the description
  • You must have only one suggestion per post

Last Reviewed Date 03/02/2023
Updated on 03/02/2023
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