HoloLens2 Configuration

Microsoft has developed HoloLens2, a Mixed Reality headset designed with business use cases in mind.

HoloLens2 has been adopted or piloted by many healthcare organisations around the world, most frequently for training and simulation solutions to prepare and educate healthcare workers and medical students.

To find out more about the HoloLens2, how it can be used, and how to onboard it, please follow the pages below.

Guidance for All Users

Introduction, guidance, and information on clinical use cases for all current and potential users

Guidance for Onboarding

Guidance for onboarding Remote Assist for HoloLens2 for Local Administrators and others with HoloLens 2 devices

CLICK HERE for HoloLens Deployment and Migration next steps

Last Reviewed Date 19/03/2024
Updated on 21/03/2024
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