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The Eider release went swimmingly and contains a lot of new and extended functionality for Office 365 integration, some new core portal functionalities and some bug fixes.
The below is a high level summary of the new functionality. 

New Core Portal Functionality

  • Notifications will soon be sent to accounts that are due to be deleted providing details on how to keep the account in an active state if it is still required.
  • Added a ‘Get Help’ item under the ‘Help’ menu to help users find their LOA/Support easier.
  • Added a mail tip in OWA and Outlook to show a recipients status (Disabled, Leaver etc) to the user sending a mail. 
  • Users can now add joiners to a site during the joiner/transfer process.
  • Large result sets in People Finder now notify the users to refine their search. 
  • Site type has also been added to People Finder results.
  • Dynamic Distribution Lists now have an option to include or exclude Static Distribution lists as their target recipients.

New O365 Functionality

  • O365 Admins will now receive notification emails around expiring and disabling licences. 
  • Admins now have the ability to download a license allocation report showing the user policies, applications and licenses for each user.
  • User policies are now view able on the users permissions pages accessed via the userdetail page.
  • Advanced search ability has been added for the user policies search page.
  • Microsoft Visio, PowerBI Pro, Microsoft Project and Stream can now be assigned as an application.
  • Yammer connected groups can now be created.
  • Lots of ‘Business to Business’ functionalities have been added to enrol external organisations and share O365 capabilities with them

Bugs Fixed

  • Static Distribution Lists with shared mailboxes as recipients weren’t loading.
  • Incorrect success message was given when creating a contact that already exists.
  • Large CSV files for processing leavers was producing an error message.
  • People Finder org results were showing admins that were deleted and therefore no longer admins. 
  • Previous site details were remaining on users who were transferred to a different org.
  • Obsolete devices were still being shown in the mobile device details page.
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