Power Virtual Agents


Power Virtual Agents (PVA) are adaptable Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots. This allows users to build chatbots with built-in natural language processing and no-code graphical interface.

Power Virtual Agents is available as an app within Microsoft Teams, making it easy to create chatbots that answers questions posed by other employees or team members (within an organisation). Users can add Power Virtual Agents app from the Microsoft Teams app store and begin to create, author, test, and publish the bot directly into teams, all within the Microsoft Teams interface.

The PVA Analytics dashboard allows users to monitor and continuously improve bot performance using AI and data-driven insights.

How to create Chatbots in Power Virtual Agents

  • Add the Power Virtual Agents application to Microsoft Teams
  • Select a Team for the chatbot
  • Choose a name for the project and begin

What can you do with Power Virtual Agents in Teams?

You can:

  • Create bots in seconds.
  • Have bots take actions on someone’s behalf.
  • Review and analyse the performance of the bot, such as what questions are being asked the most, and how effective the bot is at understanding said questions.
  • Test your bot, and then make it available to your team.

What’s next?

To learn more about Power Virtual Agents, please visit the Microsoft Power Virtual Agents website. You may also complete guided learning modules and learning paths via Microsoft Learn.

Please contact your Local Administrator (LA) to find out more about Power Virtual Agents at your organisation. For guidance on finding your Local Administrator, please visit this page.

Last Reviewed Date 03/11/2021
Updated on 08/11/2022

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