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OneDrive Migration Guidance | Migration to nhs.net

This guide provides details about what is included in the OneDrive migration to nhs.net and what actions colleagues should consider.

What is Migrating?

  • All your files/folders in your OneDrive account will automatically be migrated and accessed with your @nhs.net from 10th July (Switchover Day).
  • Previous versions and modified dates will also be retained.

What is not Migrating?

  • Sharing permissions for files/folders (where files have previously been shared)
  • Access links used to share files/folders

What do I need to do?

  • Ahead of Switchover Day, you can apply for the Guest Inviter Role to be added to your nhs.net account if you share files with external recipients (further details on the “How should I prepare?” page).
  • On Switchover Day, complete the Switchover Form which will step you through:
    • Unlinking your old HSCIC OneDrive account
    • Signing in to OneDrive with your nhs.net credentials
    • Re-share your OneDrive files / folders with users who previously had access to them
  • After Switchover, if you access OneDrive from a mobile device, please sign out of your old HSCIC account and sign in to the app with your nhs.net credentials. Use these links for guidance on signing out and back in:

Click here to return to the Migration Overview page.

Last Reviewed Date 18/07/2023
Updated on 18/07/2023
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