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This article provides a brief overview of the new features introduced to the existing Intune model which improves user experience and user security. The page will be updated as new features are introduced.

SCCM/MECM integration and Co-Management:

The NHSmail Intune service will provide a to enable organisations to Co-Manage devices with SCCM and Intune as well as connect on-premises Certificate Issuing services for VPNs, Wi-Fi, etc.

Samsung Knox enrolment:

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME) is a Zero Touch provisioning solution. This solution fully automates the enrolment of new, or factory reset devices into a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Microsoft Intune.

First-line RBAC role:

First line support RBAC role is a restricted administrative role which provides read only permissions to an organisations Intune configuration (Apps, Config profiles etc), whilst still enabling first line support workers to conduct remote tasks such as rebooting, wiping, or syncing a device.

Windows 10/11 Device Management Offering: ​

Orgs can manage their devices in 3 ways;

1. Cloud only

2. Cloud + SSO track – Where Windows 10 devices can be deployed and managed with NHSmail Intune with Local AD User Identity enhancements.

3. Hybrid track – Where Windows 10 devices are managed in NHSmail Intune but need to remain (hybrid) domain-joined with a local AD.

Updated on 05/07/2022
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