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NHSmail Intune Service is coming soon

1. NHSmail Intune Service overview

NHSmail Intune is a new, cloud-based centralised mobile device management (MDM) service. The NHSmail Intune solution will centralise device management under the NHSmail shared tenant, while maintaining a high degree of customisation, oversight and local autonomy for organisations.

Priority is being given to mobile devices (iOS/ iPadOS and Android) with testing ongoing and availability of the service planned for the near future. Future releases will follow and include Windows10 NHSmail domain join and HoloLens2, followed by Windows10 hybrid join solution.

The NHSmail Intune solution will be configured to provide a core set of centrally managed security policies, settings and applications that will be common across all organisations. Local Administrators (LAs) will be able to set up their own Groups, policies, profiles, and apps on top of the centrally managed settings through the use of custom Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions.

1.1. Prerequisites

Some prerequisites need to be met by organisations before onboarding can begin. A full list of these will be provided to organisations prior to onboarding. These include having procured EMS E3 and AADP2 licences for all users, being able to connect Apple Business Manager (ABM) to NHSmail Intune (for Apple devices) and meeting the minimum Operating System requirements.

1.2. Supported devices

iOS/iPadOS, Android, Windows10 and HoloLens2 will be supported across corporate clinical and non-clinical devices.

1.3. Additional information

For more information on the NHSmail Intune Service please see this one-page overview: NHSmail Intune Service_Overview Slide.

2. Registering your organisation’s interest

In order for us to understand more about how we can best support organisations to onboard onto the NHSmail Intune Service, we request that all interested organisations register their interest.

The onboarding of organisations onto the NHSmail Intune Service will be through a phased approach, so it important that you submit your intent through the Intune Registration Form to be considered for this service.

To register interest, please nominate a PLA/LA from your organisation to complete the Intune Registration Form. After you click on this link, if prompted to log in, please use your nhs.net credentials.

You should then see the screen shown below. Select the Intune Registration tile to access the form (shown below).

Completing this form with details about your organisation will help us to understand your requirements so we can schedule the onboarding of organisations.

Important Note:

Organisations should only complete the Intune Registration Form once. Organisations that submitted responses to the NHSmail Intune Information Gathering Survey do not need to complete the Intune Registration Form.

3. Next steps

You will receive a confirmation of submission email once you have completed the Intune Registration Form.

We are currently collating and analysing all responses as they are submitted.

You can expect a further communication regarding your submission soon after.


Updated on 23/09/2021
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