Mailbox Report

How do I check if my users have been migrated?


To check for an individual user, it’s easier and faster to use the “User management” function under the ADMIN section in the Portal

Follow these steps to gather a report from the portal:

1. Login to the NHS portal site using your NHSmail credentials




2. Once logged in, go to Reports > Admin Reports


3. From the Target Organisation dropdown select All my organisationsor a specific organisation

4. From the Reports dropdown select “Mailbox Report”

5. Select Generate Report



6. This will produce a CSV file named “Mailbox Report.csv” that can be accessed from your Downloads folder or your browser window as shown below

7. Open report


8. Column G displays the location of users’ mailboxes (Exchange Online or Exchange On-Premise) for the selected organisation/s




Updated on 17/02/2022

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