Introduction Communication

Teams Phone System for outbound calls lets you call patients and other external contacts through Microsoft Teams. It can be used for patient consultations to free up existing telephone lines for incoming calls.

How do I prepare?

Read the user guide to learn more about Teams Phone System

See this How to Video for step by step guidance

Visit the FAQ page to answer any questions you may have

What can I do with it?

Make a call to an external telephone from Microsoft Teams

Place a call on hold


Transfer a call to another person or device

How will it benefit me?

Make outbound telephone calls


Patients only need access to their telephones for appointments

Work remotely by making calls on the desktop, web or mobile Teams app

Save time by copy / pasting phone numbers into the dial pad


Click here to visit the NHSmail support site

Last Reviewed Date 02/02/2022
Updated on 05/07/2022

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