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Error when accepting AUP to set security questions – PRB0186003

Issue description

We are aware of an issue when a user signs into an account to accept AUP and set security questions. Users follow the process and upon clicking ‘Save’, the page loads before an error is shown reading ‘Error. An error has occurred while processing your request.’ Without accepted AUP, users cannot perform functions with their account (e.g. send emails) and other users cannot perform actions on their account (e.g. move the user to another policy).

Latest updates and guidance:

This is being investigated as part of problem record PRB0186003.

If you are experiencing this issue please clear cache and cookies and retry before or after peak hours (generally between 10am – 2pm) until the changes have been affected.

This issue has been committed to a sprint. Further updates will be provided when they become available.

Last Reviewed Date 16/03/2022
Updated on 06/07/2022

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