Auto-Removal of Dial-in Subscriptions

We are aware of a known issue with regards to an element of the Portal licence reconciliation functionality. This issue was introduced with the Overstrand Portal release. The Portal licence reconciliation functionality is designed to check an individual’s user policy and will then automatically add or remove apps and features according to what is included in the user policy that they are assigned to. When this functionality is triggered, through either a user update being performed or the policy the user is assigned to being updated, the Portal runs a check to determine whether the user should have dial-in enabled or not and when it discovers that the user is in a policy without dial-in, it removes this feature. This element of the Portal is working as designed and will only cause an issue for anybody who was assigned a Centrally Funded NHS dial-in licence outside of a user policy to support the NHS COVID-19 response.

The Centrally Funded NHS provision of dial-in licences is scheduled to expire on the 29th of September. In the interim period between now and that date, we are running a job that will re-enable dial-in where it has been removed for this reason; this interim solution will run every 2 hours from 07:00 until 19:00 BST.

For more information about MS Teams dial-in enablement, please visit the Guidance For Teams Dial-in article here.

Updated on 10/09/2020

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