• 7016347354 – Issues Sending Mail to Microsoft Email Addresses – RESOLVED

    21/04/2023 14:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an intermittent issue whereby some users might be unable to send mails to Microsoft related email domains such as Hotmail, Live and Outlook. The cause of the issue is under investigation with Microsoft but we believe it is related to rate limiting rather than the blocking of our IPs

  • INC35398047 – Shared Mailbox Access Issue – RESOLVED

    19/04/2023 17:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – The NHSmail team are aware of some users being unable to access Shared Mailboxes from OWA and Outlook. Some users may not have the “open another mailbox” option

  • INC35358395 – Portal Slowness – RESOLVED

    17/04/2023 16:40:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an issue with the NHSmail Portal preventing some users from connecting. NHSmail engineers are urgently investigating to determine the cause so we can mitigate it as soon as possible

  • INC35148773 – Portal Slowness – RESOLVED

    04/04/2023 18:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an intermittent issue relating to Portal slowness when searching for individuals in the User Management page, and/or opening the User Details page once the search has completed

  • INC35069133 – High Send Authentication Errors – RESOLVED

    03/04/2023 17:04:00 PM
    RESOLVED – High Send Authentication Errors
    We are aware of some users experiencing issues when using the NHSmail high sending service (send.nhs.net). Error responses may be observed stating that authentication has failed when connecting to the SMTP server with credentials supplied

  • INC34485546 – Scan to E-mail Delivery Delay – RESOLVED

    07/03/2023 13:30:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We have been made aware of a delay in mails being delivered. Our engineers are currently investigating this issue and further updates will be provided as soon as possible.

  • INC34412483 – Portal Intermittently Inaccessible – RESOLVED

    20/02/2023 16:54:00 PM
    RESOLVED – We are aware of an intermittent issue relating to the NHSmail Portal being inaccessible intermittently where users may get error when signing in to NHSmail Portal. Upon refreshing the browser, users may be able to sign in

  • INC34265287 – MS Bookings Admin Functions – RESOLVED

    15/02/2023 15:45:00 PM
    RESOLVED – The Accenture NHSmail team are aware of an issue that is preventing users from adding or amending Microsoft Bookings calendars within the NHSmail Portal. Some users may see an error message returned stating “401 – unauthorised”.

  • INC34243035 – Mail Delivery Delay – RESOLVED

    09/02/2023 19:00:00 PM
    RESOLVED – Our internal monitoring systems have alerted us to an issue with a proxy server at our Slough datacenter. Action was immediately taken to mitigate the issue and we believe the activities completed have been fully successful. However, as a result of this short outage, there may be a short delay in mails being processed via the Relay and arriving at the destination email address; this delay could impact mail from external domains to nhs.net recipients, from nhs.net mailboxes to external domains, and mails sent using the SMTP Relay

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