• Increase in contacts to the NHSmail helpdesk

    During this period of increased activity where we’re all responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are understandably receiving a significant increase in contacts to the helpdesk.

  • Registering Independent Midwives

    NHSmail can be used by independent midwives to safely and securely exchange patient or sensitive information with other health and social care professionals.

  • Skype for Business Web App Upgrade

    The NHSmail live service will be upgrading the Skype for Business web application on the 19th October 2019, to offer a better user experience when joining a Skype for Business meeting via a web browser.

  • Spoofing Email Block

    We have implemented the final phase of the security improvements around the blocking of all emails spoofing @nhs.net from the NHSmail service. This means that these emails will not be received by end users. As a temporary measure, from 13 August 2019, we will send intended recipients of spoofed emails…

  • Portal – Iris Release

    The Iris Portal release was implemented as planned on the evening of the 19/06/2019 with new features for core NHSmail Portal functionality, O365 functions, and bug fixes.

  • Introducing the new and improved NHSmail password policy

    21/05/2019 – We are frequently making security improvements to the NHSmail service and with effect from 23 May 2019 we are introducing a new password policy in line with National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines.

  • Anti-spoofing – phase two

    14/05/2019 – We have implemented the second phase of anti-spoofing controls, redirecting spoofed emails sent from the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) / Transition Network (TN – formerly known as N3) to users’ junk mailboxes.

  • Trend Micro Phishing Reporting Tool

    A free tool provided by Trend Micro called the ‘Phishing Reporter Plugin to Outlook’ is available to download that enables users to report phishing or spam emails to the NHSmail team with just two clicks.

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