• NHSmail Helpdesk Telephony Issue – RESOLVED

    26-11-2021 19:25:00 PM
    RESOLVED: Please note, we are aware of an issue which prevented users who had called the NHSmail Helpdesk from connecting with an Agent. This issue has now been resolved. Should you experience this issue again, please send a mail to Helpdesk@nhs.net for attention. This outage lasted approximately 30 minutes between 19:25 and 19:55 but has now been fully resolved.

  • Intermittent Portal Slowness – RESOLVED

    18-11-2021 12:46:48 PM (GMT)
    The NHSmail Team are aware of an intermittent issue causing slowness when undertaking certain activities within the NHSmail Portal. This includes blank user details updates and potentially other admin functionality.

  • Planned NHS Extended DNS Service Maintenance

    11-11-2021 16:00:00 PM (GMT)
    Following the decommission of the POP and IMAP legacy hostnames on the 9th November 2021, we are aware of a DNS issue experienced by a small number of users that occurred around 11:00:00 AM this morning. However, the issue was addressed immediately and impacted organisations should not take further action to resolve it. Doing so may cause additional issues which can be avoided.

  • NHSmail Helpdesk Telephony – Maintenance – COMPLETED

    18-10-2021 07:22:59 PM (BST)
    COMPLETED: The NHSmail Helpdesk Telephony Service will be unavailable for a short time period between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM on the 19th October, 2021. The period of unavailability is expected to last no more than 5 minutes.

  • Information – Planned Infrastructure Changes

    03-09-2021 13:19:00 PM (BST)
    The NHSmail team are carrying out an infrastructure change over the coming week starting Friday 3 September and completing Saturday 4 September. These changes are not expected to cause any user impact to NHSmail or O365 services.

  • INC21947958 – Incident – RESOLVED

    16/06/2021 02:34 PM
    RESOLVED: We are aware of an issue where end users who have their password reset and where the box has been ticked to confirm a new password must be created at next login, are receiving an error message “Incorrect ID or Password”.

  • Portal – Sentry 1.1 Release

    05-05-2021 18:15:00 AM (GMT)
    The Sentry 1.1 Portal release is planned for implementation on the evening of 05/05/2021 with a new bug fix.

  • ALERT: Minor Email Delivery Delays.

    19-03-2021 11:41:39 AM (GMT)
    We are currently observing some minor email delivery delays with nhs.net. NHSmail engineers are currently working with Microsoft to review the throughput telemetry.

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